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Looking for advice on a Paintbooth

Discussion in 'Airbrush accessories' started by shipclambake, Oct 4, 2020.

  1. shipclambake

    shipclambake Young Tutorling

    Sep 15, 2020
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    Im ready to buy a paintbooth but some of the ones Im seen are tiny for $100 USD what do you recommend?
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  2. JackEb

    JackEb The Dragon Hunter Staff Member Admin

    Apr 21, 2012
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    Mt Barker, South Australia
    If you are painting urethane then you’ll need to set up out in the shed with responsible ventilation and a respirator.
    For water based it’s a bit easier. If you aren’t painting high psi or large items then even better.

    the hobby spray booths you often see advertised are designed for painting models/ miniatures and work well for that purpose.
    If you are doing artwork style paintings at low psi (less than 15-20 psi) then a booth is not necessary if you set up some box fans with a filter on the back and have them close to your easel at the height of your artwork and turn them so they’re blowing away from you and pulling air from i front of your artwork. The filter is a fine fabric that we call ‘interfacing’ here in Australia. It’s used for light stiffening of cuffs and collars on garments.
    Herb refers to it as ‘Remay’ - a fabric filtration for agriculture - I’m sure Herb will correct me if I’ve got it wrong
  3. HellBird

    HellBird Love this place! Forum Supporter Very Likeable!

    Jan 17, 2018
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    Fingerlakes Region, New York, US
    I agree with Jackie. If you’re working with water-based paint, a box fan with a 20 by 20 furnace filter and some landscaping fabric does the job. Built a "temporary" hood out of foam core poster board and duct tape to keep things together. When my wreck of a hobby room is back together so I can paint again, I'll snap off a few pictures of my set up.

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