Looking for paint supplier canada



Hey guys im trying to find a good place to order createx paints from? I dont care where just prefer it to be canada based, time to ship and cost. Any assistance is as always appreciated. Just got my airbrush but I dont have any paints...
Do they have any local art stores there? I get mine from a few sources. Michaels, Kensington Art Supplies and Swintons. Besides Michaels, these are all local. their prices are a few cents higher but not too bad. Crack open the yellow pages, friend, there should be some there.
Anyway the products are way too expensive and I found a supplier its called chicagoairbrushsupply.com.
Curry's Online Art Store
Run a search... I can't post any links yet being a newbie.
They're in Miss. Ontario. They carry Createx.
Free shipping for order over $75.

I was to order from Chicago Airbrush Supply as well but even if Curr'ys price are slightly higher, it ends up being cheaper because of the shipping fees when having it shipped from USA.
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