Looking forward to connecting with my fellow airbrush users !


Double Actioner
I am an avid airbrush user left over from the late 70's a past generation of airbrush users, maybe even two generations. I'm a bit old in the tooth now but still airbrushing whenever I get a chance.
I am surprised that my airbrushing abilities have not declined too much over the years and that my eyesight is still 20/20 which it would need to be as I ilke reproducing the smallest detail in my artwork. My hand is still steady too, despite my love of a good pint of beer most nights. That is a lot of alcohol over the years.

I came across this website almost by chance so I thought I would explore the kind of work my fellow airbrush artists are doing these days.

I generally like to keep a low profile but I will certainly comment when I think a comment is warranted.
Welcome Yemil !!
Glad to have you aboard. Everyone here is easy going and approachable. No ego trips to cause you stress. We are here to enjoy airbrushing, the people, the art, and just to have fun while perhaps learning something new. You are in great company.

Any questions you have, just ask. Sounds like you come from a good background in airbrushing, and big congratulations on your health working in your favor to continue your airbrush journey.

Some of us are talkers, some are quiet. All are welcome. Most of us have a unique sense of humor in one way or another, and you might notice that....soon. lol

I'm a newbie, my brother 2Diverse has been at it for seems like 100 years or more.......

Again Welcome ! Grab a beverage of choice, have a seat, and enjoy the ride.

I forgot mention that I used a Paasche Turbo AB airbrush for most of it. As you probably know they are no longer produced and parts are hard to come by but fortunately I have ten of them. Alas, two are broken but I use those for spare parts.
welcome from Australia Yemil,
your painting has a beautiful softness to it, well done, but you've obviously had a lot of practise :)

Many come and think they'll keep a low profile but then get sucked into the vortex of this place and find themselves commenting on a whole range of things. With your experience I'm sure you could offer some help to those just starting out. Nothing beats real world experience
Beautiful painting Yemil :)

10 turbos is just too much, You need to donate one to Ians Paschhe turbo charity, PM Me for where to send it šŸ˜‚
Thanks for the comments...

Actually, only one of my ABs is tuned well enough to use on any particular day. It can take a few minutes or even hours sometimes to tune one which can be very frustrating. Each and every one is different and they have a unique "personality" to them it seems. They stretch my patience to the limit sometimes but when they do work they are absolute magic and can stay that way for days or even weeks before finally letting me down.

I am not surprised they are no longer produced as even in my day many of my fellow airbrush illustrators gave up using them after a few very frustrating weeks working with them and sold them to me for half price, which is why I now have so many of them ! I also have quite a large selection of other airbrushes of all makes and styles in my collection as well. That tends to happen over the years.

I will try to pass on any tips to newbies that I think may be helpful as I go along but one has to remember that creating any kind of art is a never ending learning process and as far as airbrushing goes....I too am still learning new techniques even after all these years.
Welcome to the forum Yemil. I bought my first brush in the mid 1970s so we've been at it for about as long. I haven't been painting all that time. Lots of time off.

Great to hear your vision is still very good. Mine is about 50/50 now. My hands aren't that steady any more either. Too many lacquer fumes from back in the day perhaps.

Post when you'd like to. If you have other works to post please do.