low odor airbrush paint? See inside


Dave Harlow


I have done some airbrush work, I mainly have used Spray cans (as a kid I did alot of Graffiti) I am good at the brush and alot of the same know how carries (well some) I am looking to do a mural on my 8yr olds wall for him, however he has asthma, and obviously I don't want to use a automotive paint, due to fumes and it will take forever to air out (as a kid I did a mural in my first apartment, smelled like spray paint for weeks.. could explain some of my issues heh).
Anyway I am looking for some direction on what paint would be good and vibrant similar to a spray paint, like Molotaw, Ironlak, etc but in a low odor, ability to be used indoors.
I can feel the yell starting... water based is the answer...
Yup you need water based....wicked is great for your application.....it does have a negligible bit of solvent in but a small amount which will evaporate on application and cause no issues.....also you could look at etac/grex private stock if you can get it where you are