low pressure regulator - where to get?



Hey guys. I'm from Canada, Alberta. I'm looking to get a low pressure regulator. What I mean by that, is that it is a regulator that will let me fine tune the pressure at low pressures between 0 - 60 ish. My current regulator goes up by 40 psi increments. Ideally I want one that goes up by 10. but 20 increments would be okay, if there was enough space between the numbering that would allow for fine tuning it. I've checked out Rona and Crappy tire but they don't really have anything like that.
Get an External MAC Valve.
Badger, Iwata, and Grex make them, to name a few.
Knowing your PSI isn't necessary, after a while you can do it by the sound alone.
I bought a digital regulator from Princess Auto that goes up in 0.5 PSI increments. It is working just fine for me. I know you don't like to advertise that store, but I even bought a couple of their HVLP guns and they work just fine.
its not that I don't like to advertise Princess Auto.... it's that originally I was under the impression that we couldn't post the names of commercial businesses. I've been on a few heavy-handed forums where their rules are overly strict.
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I figure if it helps, why not name the store. If I mess up I will apologize and not do it again. As you can see by the number of posts I'm new to this, so I worry a little about what I post, too.
I got a good regulator at Princess Auto it works well for me goes up in 5's Canadian tire has some too.