Lure scale pattern


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Here you go Jayhawk, how I do scale pattern pictures. Lay base coat, then wrap mesh tight, and do your scale work with pearls, silver, gold, metallic blacks and blues, however you want. Experiment is half the fun. Different base and scale, Just keep mesh tight and coats light. I use auto air, wicked and createx, some enamel and lacquer for certain base coats.IMAG3256-1024x1811.jpgIMAG3257-1200x2122.jpg IMAG3261-1200x2122.jpg IMAG3256-1024x1811.jpg IMAG3257-1200x2122.jpg IMAG3261-1200x2122.jpg


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I never thoug that you could make your own painted lures! Beautiful lures must try with mines!

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Thanks Ricky. It takes some time to figure out the scale size and mesh pattern with different combos of base and scale colors. I have a bunch more to do, but I'm rebuilding a carb on an ice auger so I can ice fish next weekend. So many projects, so little time. All fun stuff though!