Mac valve won't go next to Micron CM-B



My new Iwata Micron CM-B arrived last night (I'm the last house on the run), I rip off the package to get my new airbrush together only to find no air comes out. Odd, there is a test sheet included with the book. I have the Mac valve next to the AB, the water filter below, no air. So I had to move the mac valve below the filter to get it to work, but now it works anyway. On my HP-CS I have the mac valve below the AB which is the way I prefer as I don't really like holding the filter. Oh well...
Did you try it without the filter? Also just watch out for pinching the seal inside the top of the filter.
I'm not sure how you would pinch a seal, tighten too tight? I checked the air flow without the AB attached on all variations.
Yes, did try without valve and filter, works fine with just the hose. I spent about an hour on this doing variations. Took the air valve set apart, oiled it lightly. Only thing that works is no mac valve. It does work with the filter first which is the way I left it.
I suspect the air valve shaft is just too long, I may get another one and try shortening it 30 thou. But still, you would think the engineer would have thought of something this simple and corrected it. I expect too much, I know.