Magic Marker??



Can I use a fine tip magic marker to make a thin lines and then clear coat over it??????
I have heard of people doing this before, but make sure you get the right markers so they don't react with the clear. but you would prolly be better off in the long run to teach yourself how to do those fine lines with an airbrush, your control will benefit a lot from it
Main thing on markers is exposed to sun like they may fade even under clear.
But Yes people do use fine line and even thick lined markers in works of art.
Sometime even color pencil.
If doing this on metal get paint pens. Russ Allen raves about the Posca brand.

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we used the Molotow markers for our fishy - they have an acrylic ink. basically we did very dark shadows with the black, and very bright highlights with the white, according to the chaps teaching us, you can clearcoat and they are light-fast.
You can also get empty molotow markers so you can put your own paint in them. You could also use a very fine hairy stick with ab paint.

Yup Molotow. I literally just got my first one, and it's great. I would imagine markers will fade or change colour, I know black goes kind of browny after a while just in normal everyday use.
I've tried to do this over airbrushed work and I'd be careful as mentioned what marker ya anything with xylene(I think thats what its called) will remove paint aswell..Have also done it the other way around and never had issues (IE Airbrush over the marker..) but yer it may react to the clear..Try experimenting a bit as using various tools to get your desired look is a good thing :) If your having outlining issues or just want to do it a different way, perhaps consider a good liner brush and just use the airbrush paint your already using to bold them up a bit or outline/detail the work as you desire..
Used the magic marker. It worked, just came out looking a different texture that was not the most appealing. I think next time just a fine paint brush and wicked paint.