Making a comeback to airbrushing



Hi guys,

My name's Josh, and I have to confess I've been stalking these forums for a little while before posting.

Here's a bit of my airbrushing history: I started when I was 14, and took a few courses through my high school. At 16 I was airbrushing caps and portraits in shopping centres, but still wasn't taking it that seriously. Did a few portraits here and there over the next four years, but by then I was in University, and found less and less time for it. The last time I airbrushed was 2006.

In the years since then I've done some graphite and charcoal drawings, had a few attempts at oil painting and watercolours, but getting the old airbrush out again seemed like too much effort. Now I'm 29 I've got my own house with a decent sized garage, I've revived my old set-up, bought a new airbrush, paints etc. and I'm excited to see how far I can take it.

Here's a few pics of my new airbrush setup and current work in progress.

The Iwata CM-C Plus is an amazing improvement over my battered old Badger 150. I was really getting into the zone last night and it felt like I was controlling it with my mind!


I'm really looking forward to meeting you all and learning from you.
Welcome to the Forum Josh, I look forward to seeing your work.
Cheers Mel
Welcome home JoshT sorry but I will have to call you JoshT cause we already have Josh the SeaMonkey:D

Nice to add you to the family..
Welcome to the forum. Nice start to the old man piece. Look forward to more in the future.

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Welcome Josh. From what I see, you don't have to make a comeback... you're already there.
Holly crap, is airbrushing the national pass time of you folks down under?? Do they for your first birthday give you an airbrush and a membership to the forum?? LMAO Sorry Josh, just yankin your chain...welcome aboard and seems like your good to go so get the brush in your hand and get plenty air time. lol
Welcome aboard... that is a great start and some serious detail. Don't get rid of that Badger 150...I have the same brush and it is an awesome brush.
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:loyal:
Welcome from Calgary Josh, looking forward to see your finished painting, looks great so far :)