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hey guys! my very first question on this forum! haha!

i have this project i need to do on a harley and it will have a blue marble effect on it with some kinda demon or skeletton in the front and my customer doesnt want the drawing to show alot from a distance...he would like the whole thing to be a bit like ghost flames.
i have no problems in achieving the marble effect itself but i was wondering on the colors to use to paint the demon in the front? i dont have much experience doing monochrome artwork so im not sure how to attack this project...
i was thinking doing the marble effect with a black or dark blue background, then a light gold or champagne to do the marble effect, because i want my candy blue to have a greenish or teal tint to it.
the thing is that i was wondering if i should paint my demon/skeleton (or whatever im gonna come up with lol) before i add the candy? if i do it with let say dark blue, light blue and some white for the highlights, does that sound like a good color choice to achieve a ghost like look yet have enough details into the drawing to make it stand out? or will the candy blue cover everything and my design wont show enough trough it?
Those colour combos sound interesting, but I've not tried them so not sure if the effect you're after. I would try a test panel first. The image should def go under the candy for the subtle look, as for the colours be aware that a blue candy will give everything below it a blue tint (especially the white), and that depending on the blues you use, the candy could wash them out. Just my thoughts I'm no expert. Again, try a test panel, doesn't need to be an image just spray the colours you are thinking of using in stripes or circlee, cover it with candy and see what happens. Take photos and write down the results, even if it's not what you are hoping, could be something you may want to use again later.

Just as an extra, if you want the candy to have the proper candy pop, it should be sprayed over a bright metallic silver base. Hope that helps a little.
I agree with Squishy. The more candy you put over your art, the more subtle it will be. Adding to what Squish suggested... if you use a metallic base, I would avoid using white for the highlights. The white will kill the metallic and leave a dead spot in the sun. Use the metallic base for your highlights to avoid this.
hmmmm i had not tought of using the same metallic base for highlights...thats sounds like a good idea! i already did 3 test cards for my customer to show him the marble effect...ill follow your advice and do another one with the colors i planed on using for the design itself.
it would be nice to see some pictures of designs covered by candy blue...i know theres plenty on the internet but none really tells what colors they used under the candy..
Ive only done blue over black artwork, and this only had a couple of coats of candy, as I wanted to keep the image pretty clear. I could have buried it more with more layers, to make it more subtle, and I think if I'd used grey instead of black that could work too. Sorry for the crappy pics, but you can see I hope that I painted the image quite dark, and the candy fairly light, doing it the other way around would make it less visible.

thats pretty much the colors i had in mind! i guess after all its as simple as doing a black and white paint and covering it with candy :p
That's just black, no white. As wickedartstudio says above white will leave a flat looking spot. If I want a highlight I just don't paint that area, and let the silver base come through. It's a bit of a backwards way of doing it, but works for me. Or you could use an eraser for the highlights, I don't do it that way, but I know it works. So if that's the look you're after keep it monotone.

Would love to know how it turns out, so hope you post it when it's done.
of course i will post pic!! but it will take a little while because im only working on it on fridays, the bike is a harley davidson FLH so its got lots of parts...right now everything is on primer, next friday i will sand every thing and move on with painting the marble effect...there are so many parts and i have so little time to work on it (from 2h30 to 6 pm) that i think i will have no choice but to paint like half the parts and do the next half the week sucks cause if i would have had time to do all the parts at once im sure the marble effect would look more the same on each im scared it will have a different marble effect on each parts lol
but anyways, the drawing will cover most of it so i guess its not a big deal if the texture of the marble effect varies from one part to the its a random effect by deffinition.

all this to say, yes i will post pics, but be patient!:loyal:
in the meantime, i posted a link to my deviant art page in my introduction post (in the introduction section of the forum) so you guys can take a look at what ive done so far on other projects. :p
Another thing to consider is for a subtle color change, instead of black and a ton of candy, add a little black to the base color to make it a shade or 2 darker. It will take less candy to make it ghost in that way.
im not sure i understand what you mean wmlepage? you say instead of black, just add a little black to the base color. what would be the base color in that case? i tought it was black :ambivalence:
im not sure i understand what you mean wmlepage? you say instead of black, just add a little black to the base color. what would be the base color in that case? i tought it was black :ambivalence:

Sorry for that, I think I missed something , or read it wrong.

I meant to shadow a colored object or graphic, even on a black background, add a small amount of black 1-2 drops to your graphic color, so you now have a shading color, and use that to do your shadows.
haaaa i get it now :p
im sanding the parts tomorrow and gonna do the marble effect (without candy) and clear all my parts so i can start going on with the graphic itself
Ive only done blue over black artwork, and this only had a couple of coats of candy, as I wanted to keep the image pretty clear. I could have buried it more with more layers, to make it more subtle
well hello guys! its been a while! remember this post?? its old yeah i know..but ive been working on that project ever since and friday i finally started clearing it, so im back to show you guys the result of my first marble effect with an airbrush design on it, its still missing a lot of parts (harley FLH have LOTS of part son them lol) but i can already show you the 2 pieces i did it goes, hope u like it and feel free to comment, critisize etc! this is after the airbrush and before the candy IMG_20130703_174501_zps8d7a2d94.jpgIMG_20130519_143407_zpsea0877a9.jpg now with candy!!IMG_20130719_161645_zps71bf5943.jpgIMG_20130719_171314_zps119698f6.jpg and with the ''sun gun'' pointing on it: IMG_20130719_171308_zps98c12b8e.jpg oh and by the way, this is also my first 100% free hand job, im better at drawing than airbrushing so i usually draw something over tape, cut it off, and free hand it inside the taping, this isnt a very complex design but its still 100% free hand! :)
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check nitro car paint with slow reducer , you spray this on element with clear coat ,you are putting foil and distracts the moment, gives interesting results , you can use every type of paint metalic , perll..
thx guys, i stil lgot 2 parts to finish, im getting lazy on this job and have already another project in mind lol @HLecter where do i go to check this out?? google didnt give any result, you have a link maybe?