Marketing Tips in a Bad Economy.


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Lets face it, the economy ain't so great at the moment and unless your a "name" artist its likely that after telling peeps that such a work costs x amount they are running for the hills..But you've got your heart set on making Airbrushing a career, and don't understand why when it takes 20-30 hours to create what you can create that you struggle to sell it for more than a few hundred bucks, awesome as it may be, most art consumers just don't have the kind of coin anymore to justify what its truly worth. When the economy goes bad and it is worldwide at the moment and the top 5% own 95% of the worlds wealth and those middle income peeps are facing a low income future, art will likely be one of the fist "Wants" to go..and unless you can aim your market at those top 5% who wouldn't know art if they fell over it and buy more for the prestige of owning something that cost in the millions your likely going to suffer as much as the next artists..I thought it appropriate to throw out some tips on how to keep eating in such times and many may know this but few practice it. Value-Add it..

Re-productions- Say you've created a great looking piece of artwork that you know you may struggle to sell for a fair price..What to do? Get it re-produced. Make a limited edition print run. To get this done it does obviously involve a little bit of an outlay. Getting say a hundred high standard prints isn't cheap but the more you do the cheaper it gets, remember that that printer may also be struggling and with a good bit of haggling a single unit may cost anywhere between 10-30 dollars to have done. (Again depends on the printer and depends on quantity.) Buy a cheap frame for each and also make up a certificate of authenticity, frames can be purchased pretty cheap and it really doesn't have to be anything to special. So each unit may cost around $40-$50 dollars to produce, sell these for $100 each or a little less if someone haggles ya down..Over 100 prints you have value added that piece to close to $5000(Obviously minus the printing cost and framing so about 2-3000 profit pending on ya costs). Sure it may take you awhile to sell them all but I regulary go to the market and see crappy art prints being sold by the dozen, people are much more prepared to pull $100 out of their wallets on a nice print for their lounge than $5-$600 for the original..But keep your original, if the print run sells well you also value add the original itself and can justify a much bigger value for it..

Calenders/Christmas Cards-Whilst your at the printers get some calenders (if you have enough similar works) made up, cheap as these days to do so and also Christmas cards, fridge magnets, cups and bloody anything else ya can get it printed on. Send these to Christmas card or calender publishers (Also sell them yourself in the meantime)..Who knows one may just pick you up, if so there is only a limited profit margin, you may only make a very small percentage of the profit margin but remember that calenders and Christmas cards if nice may sell millions of copys, 1 or 2 cents x 1 million is good enough for me :)

This is the basic principle of value adding and it can be applied to many other examples, do I do this, nah, can't be bothered, I'm retired, sit in the middle of nowhere each day and have no desire to be well off because I enjoy the struggle and true living my self sustained home creates for me, growing vegies, collecting my own power from solar is my idea on a good life, I dont need money LOL but most importantly I enjoy the odd bit of teaching as that was what I did for half my life so I'm happy throwing out free videos for others to learn this artform because its fun and satisfys me in ways money can't. Others may be similar and paint purely for the pleasure, this is more for those that may indeed want to pay the odd bill with airbrushing.

It really does work and you don't have to be a named artist to achieve it, if anything it may just help you make that name, don't be afraid to donate a few prints here and there to local hospitals or schools and the like..and in the meantime to finance the printing and such do this..(And btw when I do need money this IS what I do) Airbrush Tattoos...Go to a local market, school fete or youth concert and spray tattoo's all day long, Airbrush tattoo art is easy and it really is one of the only ways of easily making money in Airbrushing. If it at least feeds you and allows these printing costs to be absorbed by something other than your life savings its a good thing but it won't come to your door, you really have to go out and get it...

Anyway I hope it may help a few consider some value adding of their work because I hate seeing so many posts from peeps who create awesome work and struggle to get what its really worth, The car mural market is up the shiz, few want portraits these days, realism is also a limited market, basic abstract or flowers etc seems to be the current trend in most modern homes (and even beginners can paint such) so paint big, paint colorful (And remember your aiming your art at the lady of the house, she's the one that generally chooses decorations, so evil clowns may not be the best chance LOL)), get a shizload of prints made and I think many would be surprised in such a bad economy that art can keep you ticking..Good luck and sorry for the long read, not like me to write so much at all ;) LOL
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Funny you should say that about prints @RebelAir .... I was talking with a friend who is in business (self made man with a yacht now!) and he suggested the same thing.
^ Maybe he wants a bigger yacht m8 LOL..but yer the print market is huge, can be costly to do so initially but get a few different ones going and for some cld be a good thing, especially if ya have a m8 in the business LOL
Na BI, my mate aint in that business But I have been told today it needs a really good quality picture ... kinda rules out my box brownie :(
Even bad quality pics can be printed LOL, they will just stay looking bad though LOL :) but yer I know what ya saying I think, it does need to be nice and clear to get a nice print any fuzziness especially on lines/edges wont print well, if the printer uses a scanner, find another printer..If the painting photographs well a professional art printer generally takes a really high res picture and makes the plate from that..Not all printers will take on art reproduction as its a speciality itself in printing, some do advertise that they do it so look for those guys if ya havent already..
Awesome advice rebel by the way I enjoy ur vids thanks for taking the time to make them. Oh and since your self sufficient when are you inviting us over for dinner ? Ill bring the JACK
Hahaha, will BBQ'd rabbit or roo do? Or maybe knock a chicken on the head but you can explain that one to me kid LOL..Ya may wanna bring along more than just Jack, he leaves the party quickly and will need a friend or two to hang around into the wee hours LOL..