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Hey there Friends!

I have a masking problem and I thought this gotta be the right forum for it.
I wanted to mask the red part of this Emblem.

The Height is around 1cm. I already used a normal masking tape and cut it with a small scalpel but it was really a mess and after the Paintjob (Gloss Black) the Edges on the Red Field were horrible.

So I'm asking you guys what would recommend me for masking this area properly?
Is there any masking fluid that would work? its a really small Area. Or should I go to a local car wrapper or something and get the Red field plotted as a Sticker and wrap it on top of the red so I can strip it off after?

I'm kinda out of Ideas.
Thank you for your help in advance
Hi there !
Normally people head to the introduction page if they plan on sticking around, and let us know what their airbrush interest is, what type of paint they use and where in the world they are ...... up to you . . . :)

You haven't really provided enough information . . . EG
what are you paint on.... are you just redoing the badge ?
what paint are you using and are you airbrushing it on?

If you are just recoloring in the badge, I'd just use a red enamel and a hairy brush to do the red, fine line tape will give you a crisp edge.
Thank you for your Answer. Ill introduce myself.

It will get fully black gloss painted with a spray gun in a cabine. the outcome should look like this.
I would have probably sprayed the red first, then once its fully cured 'masked' the red with some fine line tape. it gives a sharper edge than masking tape/frisket.
The red should be "sprayed" painted it should stay that way its a sticker anyways and would not really hold paint well i assume. is it really possible to work with a fine line tape in this dimensions? the hole in the R is maybe 1-2mm only.
get some liquid mask if its that small. just a drop, work it into the corners with a toothpick. Pull the sticker if you are able and paint it properly
do you have any link for a liquid mask? thought as well a liquid would do the job pretty well.
do you have any link for a liquid mask? thought as well a liquid would do the job pretty well.
Check out Molotow liquid mask. Make sure it's compatible with the paint you propose using.
I'd go with Andre above. It was my first thought so it's nice to see it's been seconded :)
As its so small a molotow liquid mask pen should do it. I've only used it with water based paints though. Will it need to be cleared after painting? I would do as suggested above. Paint the whole thing black, then mask with fine line, then back mask with regular masking tape and paint it red. One shot will need an additive if its going to be cleared, or just use some auto or airbrush paint.
I would lose the red sticker, paint the whole thing black. Then paint the red. It looks like there is a raised edge around the red areas. Depending on the paint you're using, I would mask off the whole piece and around the raised edges. Then after you paint the red, and while the red paint is wet, remove the masking and wipe the edges clean. You should have a nice filled area with a crisp edge. You could use the One Shot, but it will not be completely smooth (i.e., some streaks will show). I would use a water based paint like Wicked. You can work with it before it cures.
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Thank you all for your input. Ye, there is a raised edge. I guess ill try some ways.

1. I remove the red Sticker paint it all black plus clearcoat then apply a new red sticker instead of painting it red.
2. I will use plastidip or a sticker to cover the red. after the black paint remove the sticker and clearcoat the emblem.

maybe trying more. could keep you guys up to date if you like to.