Masking bedroom wall.



I am borrowing an OHP for this weekend to start to draw up my cars project for my sons bedroom. I will be using application tape for the project. The question is, is it better to draw the image on the wall first then apply the tape or apply the tape first then draw the image on?
Mind you I will be drawing on Sunday but not painting til next week so don't know if the tape would leave residue after being on the wall for a week or so.

Providing you use a low tack paper tape, your masking should be fine and not leave residue.
Having said that, it has been my experience that some tapes leave gum behind, even when they say they won't!
Washing down after with wax & grease remover should get rid of any leftovers.
Just mask with masking tape and newspaper. You can't cut application tape on the wall.
the green and blue colored masking tape tends to not leave a residue on the wall if left on for a while,it is a lower tac than the regular masking tape
Do people normally draw on the surface first then apply tape or apply tape first then draw on top? Is it just personal preference?