MASTER Airbrushes....


Spyder Crowley

I purchased 2 sets of 6 Master G66 airbrushes just to have some workhorses around and I have tosay that they have performed exactly the way I intended them. Now, they may require a close watch on regular cleaning and the screwes tend to rattle loose more frequently than I wopuld like but in the end it forced me into a regular equipment tune up regimin that proved to be quite beneficial. I use my IWATA ECLIPSE HP-BCS and a MASTER G44 and MASTER G23 for details but the worker bees work just fine for t-shirt work. Anyone have any suggestions if I were to trade in these workhorses for another cheap workhorse?
hmm define cheap! lol are we talking under $100, $200....well i have a master 233 set(G23) that i dont care for but im thinking if you want gravity feed maybe a badger 105 patriot, or an Iwata revolution you can usually snag either of them for $100 or less.
My workhorse is a Badger Patriot, I have the Fine and Medium configurations. I mostly use it to spray backgrounds and transparent washes, but with the fine tip, it is quite capable of fine detail.
Yep patriot all the way. I have 2 . Can be found around $80USD. Reliable and versatile. That or the Iwata Eclipse . A bit more money but same qualities and a slightly finer needle/nozzle set up.
man beware chinese airbrushes will fail eventually!!!!!!!!!!!if i were you i´ll be saving for paasche(vl) or badger(patriot)!!!the chinese have rubber seals that will be eaten by inks or urethanes,or anything strong!!!

good luck!!!:angel: