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Xmas morning opened the new M-G23 AB and gave it a once over. Looked good. The chrome finish was clean with no marks or blemishes. Felt good in the hand. While handling it, the set screw on the bottom fell out of the gun and fell to the floor...Oh Sh*t! Luckily I found it. I figured might as well take it apart and have a good look. Disassembly was fairly easy. I noticed there was no tension at all between the needle and packing. Easy fix, just snugged up the packing until there was a slight resistance inserting the needle.
Putting it back together was another issue. Trying to get that trigger and paddle back in the body was a royal pain. My big hands and poor eye sight didn't help. Got it in and I figured I'd swap the .3 needle with the .5 needle. Well...I attempted to install the .5 nozzle in the gun using the spanner wrench...Oops, bad move! Over tightened it and snapped the threads off in the gun...Damn. Got the broken piece out with a tooth pick. Replaced the .3 needle and nozzle and it was time for some paint.
Got some standard Createx opaque and transparent paints with the gun. Put a few drops of black out of the bottle (no reduction), set the regulator at around 30 psi and gave it a go (see attached). With the .3 set up, it sprayed great. The trigger was smooth and responsive. No delay at all when lightly pulling the trigger back for paint. The quick release and mac valve attachment added some balance and made it easier to hold. The mac valve was a bit touchy to adjust. Just have to move it a hair to change air pressure. All in all I think it was a good deal. Gotta a lot of more practice to go. Did get some fairly thin lines with it. Gonna attempt another eye using this gun and my new paints. It will be nice not having to spray the crappy Walmart hobby paints.

Pros: Well built, nice finish and it looks good:)
The price for the G233 set was great w/the extra needles, quick connect/mac valve and free hose.
Trigger is smooth and very responsive.
Has the adjustable spring tension and trigger stop.
Has a large reservoir at the bottom of the bowl. Makes it easier to reduce paints in the bowl.
Easy clean up when done painting or changing colors.

Cons: Trigger and paddle are difficult to reassemble (for me anyways).
The nozzles are very small and fragile (finger tighten only). Yep, the instructions did say (if I had read them) "Very delicate use caution assembling."


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Congrats on the new brush, I have one that is similar, try using tweezers when reinserting the paddle/rocker with the brush tip angled upward, go in sideways and rotate the rocker into place.

The trigger I found it helped keeping the brush vertical and turn the trigger 90 degrees to keep the part that pivots straight, partially insert and rotate to the correct position and seat it.

Polishing the rocker and contact points will improve the feel, polishing the needle tip will help with tip dry.

I hope you enjoy your new brush.

Gonna try out the .2 needle today (no spanner wrench). I know I have some tweezers in my tool box somewhere, that will definitely help.