Matte finish with water base airbrush paint question



Hi again, I have a question about the finished look of water base paints. Many years ago I painted with Acrylic and brush. I never liked the matte (Dull) finish that Acrylics leave. It seamed to look flat and not pop like oils did. Now I'm finding that same look using a Airbrush and Com-art also Createx. I have used both Opaque and Transparent in many different ways and layers. I just can't get it to "pop"?? What would you all suggest to make that so called POP ( that I like vary much)? I did not want to use Candy's (that is if Candy's come in water base that would be OK). I don't have any vent system set-up and I am in a small enclosed space. Also can't have any fumes from over spray in this space. Hope you can help. Thanks, Atom
P.S. I am new to this forum and don't know how to post a photo, can you tell me how to do that when the photo is on my desktop? Thanks again
There is a final clear coat with gloss you can use. Once you finished the painting, then clear coat it. You can get it at most art stores like hobby lobby or amazon online.
Thanks Lowrider, I have used clear coat and it will give some depth to the colors. What I would like is when a white base or color is on the board and then use a trans. red over the white to get that translucent depth to the color and then Clear coat it for more depth and have brilliant look (that Pop that some refer to). I just haven't been able to get that look. It has to be me and I don't know if it can be achieved with out using Candy's as I know Candy's will give me what I am looking for. Atom