Maybe handy?



I know a lot of you are into tiny model painting etc - not my field but I may have something here you will find interesting.

It is a tool that when you twist the nib, extrudes a tiny amount of what appears to be blue tac. It occurred to me that where I use it when weeding stencils, you may want to use it to pick up or hold tiny objects.

Now maybe you can make your own version if you are that way inclined, I could be interested if you do!
Your link doesn't go to a product but instead brings up silhouette's choose a country page for me.

handy little tool by the way...... maybe for the nozzle maybe not..... i try not to go in tot hat area of the brush if i can help it..... you can pretty much clean all the dirty bits just by taking the head assembly off as a whole and getting a long taper hairy brush in there (on iwata cmc+)
I have a couple that came with my Silhouette Cameo - it's amazing what they get used for, generally not quite the intended use:rolleyes:
Lol, not a problem I have but if it helps you feel free! Quite often use it for picking up tiny rhinestones I've dropped in inaccessible places
or even collecting hard to reach thread dust from my sewing machine...or tiny screws dropped inside things.....
id certainly have more use for nose hair than rhinestones........
Rhinestoned nose hair, sounds like a new fashion trend you can start Fez.:thumbsup:
Rhinestoned nose hair, sounds like a new fashion trend you can start Fez.:thumbsup:
Hey fez instead of vajazzles you could do nosejazzeles - would def add a touch of class, or tashjazzles for the more facially hersute. I know a few old ladies that could use one.
I feel so welcome! I can take the direction of conversation, I have a soh and I'm not easily offended!