Medea Textile Paint being discontinued



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Subject to availability, while stocks last.

We are sorry to announce that Medea Textile Colours are being discontinued by around the end of 2012.
Please note that we still stock similar products with long-standing high reputation and quality for the same applications; Createx Colors, Createx Wicked and Createx Auto-Air Colours.

If Ken Badger is a member of the site here and has a half decent marketing team he will be getting in touch with Medea Textile users like me and ....................

I could be the next Jaime Rodriguez given a sprinkle of talent and a bucket of paint :)
It's your fault mate, that stunt you pulled with food colouring has put them out of business, hope your happy with yourself and you can sleep soundly at nights.
Does that mean Jack Daniels are worried over your antics mate :)