Melbourne Australia



Evening all, recently became an empty-nester so find myself with time to get into those things which I have been time poor on. I did some drawing when younger, but a total newbie with the airbrush, so looking forward to soaking up the learning experience. It's all about me, by this I mean that I am here to get in touch with the artistic side (hopefully) for my own satisfaction. Andrew
Welcome mate. Plenty of learning material to feed your lust here.

If you get out to the car shows much, I'm down rosebud way. May see you about some time.

Can you say g'day to an Aussie if you're a brit? I'm a noob as well mate. We'll learn together :)
Welcome to the forum, you won't be a noob for long, there's plenty of stuff here to get you painting and to expand your knowledge and experience.

Guys, thanks for the welcome. Dan, I'm over Yallambie way, but get down east fairly regularly as we have friends in Hastings. BigBick, no issues with the Poms. Let you in on a secret, I'm the first and only Aussie born in the family. Parents are from Surry. The younger brother went back in his mid 20's and now lives in Kilmarnock.
British blood eh :) Never been to Australia is it hard to airbrush when everything is upside down?
Not really an issue mate, just have to remember to use the airbrush the other way round otherwise all the paint falls out
Welcome mate, good to see some more Aussies on here :)
South eastern suburbs Melbourne here
Looking forward to seeing some work
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:angel:
Hey smooftie, welcome from another Pom. That time you have in your empty nest is just about to disappear, you'll soon be as addicted as the rest of us, and be fitting your life around ABing, instead of fitting ABing into your life Lol!
Again, thanks for the welcomes, Kaotic, patience mate I'm still at the making a mess with dots and lines stage but will be sure to share in due course.
welcome smooftie, great to have you on board brother..... sounds like a few members on here are from around your way so at least you are in good company.... you get out what you put in on here, do your research, ask questions, put the answers in to practice and you cant go wrong mate!!
Welcome aboard smooftie. It's great to be an empty-nester and the trick to keep them from coming back is to barb wire your yard :)