Metal panel (which metal ?)


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I was comisioned to paint a big skull to hang in a wall , I offer different sustrates and we decide that would be better work on a metal panel because client want clearcoat over the painting.

What metal is recommended for this kind of work ? aluminium or what ?

If you have another idea or recomendation of sustrate for this work is very welcome
Nice thing about ali is it's light and you can scrub a water break free surface into it and of course it doesn't rust!! I'd go ali.
I think most artists that do illustration work on metal use aluminium. Other than the rust and weight thing I don't know why but I'm sure they have good reasons for it so why reinvent the wheel :p
I am sure that in the past i have used a product called Sign White. Here in Australia you can buy it from a sheet metal shop. I think it`s zinc and won`t rust and is already white on one side ready to paint. It`s about 1.5 mm thick. It might be an alternative for you if you can buy it over there.