metal panels/signs?



Can anyone provide links of what they are painting on, metal panels wise ?

And even better, commentary on how much/type of prep is required ? Say I buy a panel from coastAB, is it ready to paint on, or do I need to hit it with sand / degreaser / sand / degreaser / prime ?

Hell, do these things need to be primed ? base coat ?

Assume auto air (when my shipment arrives...) and / or wicked :)

Do a search of all the threads, search "metal" or "prep". Should pull up a lot of threads that will answer a lot of questions.


I use dibond mainly for my proper pieces. Although flat it simulates car/motorcycle tin works as it is a hard metalised surface. I do the following to prepare my sheets (The same would apply to any metal surface). Because my latest batch of Dibond was blue I have to do the following to prepare it:

Dibond comes with a protective layer that needs taking off ...

Then I would scuff it with a red scotchbrite pad to key it for priming ...


Once keyed I will use Rattle can primer on it and give it a good couple of coats (In the next pic I have used red oxide as the base colour will be black)


After sanding down to a smooth finish with wet & dry (Wet with some washing up liquid). I will then tack rag the surface, then wipe with some panel wipe and tack rag again before applying the basecoat, in this case, of rattlecan black gloss ...


Before use I would then scuff up with a scotchbrite pad.

This is how I do it ... It may be wrong and there are a lot more experienced folk than me on here so we may both learn something!

Perfect, thanks!

And yes, I have read a few of the metal threads. Wanted something like the above, a start to finish ;) I'll be sure to search again though.