metal parts for painting



I got a badger single action for my birthday, I took an airbrush Illustration class, then purchased a double action (Badger 150) , traded that in for a Paasche VL then bought a Badger Crescendo 175 (still love this airbrush!) Over the years got a Vega 2000 , Iwata HP BCS eclipse, a Richpen 113C., Iwata CM-SB, Iwata Eclipse HP-CS, and 2 Veda 180's. Strangely enough the two cheep Japanese knock offs are my favorites... go figure.. I'm so ashamed but happy at the same time.
what ever floats you boat.. There are many out there that swear(not at) by the Veda line
yup whatever works for you, so then feel free to send the iwata's to me haha
Kinda shows that airbrush preference is a very personal thing. What one person swears by, another will swear at. Would you consider any of the airbrushes you've owned to be really bad?

Im a fairly new in airbrushing art, I started with 2 harbor freight knock offs, then tried a Master G23 series set which if they would upgrade their seal system could be a decent entry level airbrush, then went to and currently using the Badger Velocity which I do like very much. As for the infamous Iwata models and or harder & steenbeck I had not had the opportunity to try them yet but my B Day is just around the corner and X-MAS too if I been a good boy maybe Santa will hook me up.
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