Metalflake spray mask



Hi all, ive been reading some of JoAnn Bortles books on airbrushing and i came across a product called Metalflake Spray mask. I've done some searching on the interweb and i can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know this product,or what it might be called now and where i might find it. I'm UK based.
Thanks Dave
not too sure on that one but did a quick google and saw it mentioned elsewhere when talking about masking but I think the thread was based more on spray on frisket but metalflake corporation was mentioned as making such a product, googling that came across the company I think but they just make metalflake to add to paint so don't know if its the right company/site or not..What was JoAnn actually demonstrating at the time, what is it your hoping the product can do as that way we may be able to give you some alternatives...

heres the site I came across though..may be what ya after may not-
She was airbrushing a bike petrol tank, painting the mask on the tank,drawing a design, cutting out the design, airbrushing the tank then moving on to another section of the tank and so on
A bit like using masking tape spray remove then move on except this was a liquid and so easier to use when masking curves like on a tank or crash helmet
yer it does sound a bit like a latex product. Some will use liquid mask which is a product made with gum arabic (I think), its generally painted on by brush, goes like rubber and then can be easily peeled of, some of products can leave residue though so be wary of that but maybe it is a liquid mask that can be sprayed. Try searching Liquid mask?