Micron .18 back to stock



Hi all I have been using the .18 setup in my CM-C+ I just put it back to stock for a class I am taking(Cory ST. Clair at Coast) And the bottom line is.... I think I am liking the .23 better Pretty much the same detail (at least really close) and much more forgiving Just a shout out to anyone thinking on converting
Regards Kurt
Depends on what I am needing , Most time I have the .23 in it but once in a while I do put the .18 in.
Enjoy Corey his is a hoot.
Never played with .23 but I have had not issues with .18. My .35 Eclipse is not far off but the paint and air requires a bit more tweaking.
The difference between the detail and overall performance IMO between the .23 and .35 is Huge.I converted my eclipse gravity to a .5 master blaster for Quick coverage it excels for that I am not saying that the .18 Is not great but with the .23 I rarely pick up another brush Swapping back and forth is REALLY easy though I like to stick to 1 setup and brush as much as possible and the .23 just seems to fit me better overall at the moment
i just cant understand how come the cmsb never gets tip dry or clogs and every time you pull back on the trigpaint comes out is that suposta happen ,,,..............next time i get money to burn im getting a micron cmc lol