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I have been having issues with my Micron C+ not spraying as well as it used to. So over the weekend I had to go to my local Home Depot store for an O Ring for my Iwata Great White Shark petcock valve. The ring had cracked and no longer sealed. Come to find out it was a #60 O Ring size. Well this morning I thought that in the Micron head is a rubber O Ring that seals the head to the body. And low and behold it to is a #60. So I put a new one in the head and the brush sprays like new again. It must have been leaking so much air around the old one that it was affecting the spray pattern. Micron SB has a O Ring in the head and I would wager it is the same size. It's better paying $2.70 for a pack 10 rings than $6. For one plus shipping.

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#60 O rings work on Olympos micron replaced both of mine from the depot. I has swelled the original o-rings from airbrush restorer and really chewed them up putting tha ABs together. Well all fixed thanks for the tips

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