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Is the Micron CM-C Plus with a .23 (I think) needle about the top of the line for Iwata airbrushes? I see where Chicago Airbrush Supply has a kit with the CM-C plus, compressor, hard case and all accesories for $669.95 with free shipping. I have an Iwata Eclipse that I love and I'm serioisly thinking of giving myself a Micron for a birthday present.:adoration: Any comments, suggestions on the Micon line would be appreciated.
You can get a .18 set up for the micron. Other than that unless you get the Kustom version, which just has a larger cup , and the mac valve on the body . You are right there at the top. If you order from Coast , i believe they check the first , dont quote me on that though. Coast can also help you through tech issues as well later.

Not bashing CAS, just putting it out there, there is another option, a bit cheaper. The Eclipse is great, so i have heard, i dont own one. I do have a hi line HP-ch, and it sprays like a dream, and can be converted from .3mm to .2 mm fairly easy.This is referred to as the poor mans micron. The HP-CH is the mac valve version of the HP-c+.

The parts for a micron are expensive, not that the other iwata parts are cheap, but with a micron they recommend a whole head change if you need a nozzle, they are mated in correct alignment at the factory, and are like $130 a set.

Not trying to discourage you, you will love it I am sure, if you decide to get one. Some day when I am feeling rich I may treat myself to one too.

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Yes I believe the micron has the .23 tip and many believe that the CMC-C plus is the holy grail as far as any airbrush is concerned, not just for IWATA. I have the Kustom cm micron and its the same thing just a bigger cup than the plus and it is perfect as it can get.
Not sure what compressor they are giving with it and all so I can't really tell how good of a deal it is but I have never head anyone say they didn't like their micron.

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The reason I am looking at this one is because of the mac valve and the larger cup. Me with a .18 needle would be like a pig with roller skates:) I'll check out Coast I usually order from CAS because to date I have experienced zero problems with my orders, something I can't say about a couple of others I have tried.
i also do my shopping from chicago airbrush an not experience any problem,as a matter of fact they have a good custumer relationship,if problems arise.
Seamonkey, does the Kustom have the mac valve? I like that feature.
Seamonkey, does the Kustom have the mac valve? I like that feature.

I think all Micron's have the MAC valve. I actually prefer the external one, I have one on my hose with a quick disconnect so I can control any brush I put on it.
You may be right Jag. I like to use the on board mac vale as a finger rest . Or even a better place to grip with my off hand for control.

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You may be right Jag. I like to use the on board mac vale as a finger rest . Or even a better place to grip with my off hand for control.

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It's definitely a benefit for distance control, totally agree. It took me some time to get used to, but then when I found that benefit, I loved having it there. :)
The Custom Micron line is widely considered to be the gold standard for airbrushes, no matter which model you get. The CM-B and CM-SB (my personal favorite) have the .18 tip. The CM-C, CM-C+, and Kustom series CM-C+ have the .23 tip. Obviously, its a bit easier to get super-fine detail from the smaller tip, but the difference in use is really pretty marginal.

The CM-C+ and Kustom CM-C+ have the built-in MAC valves. I'm not a big fan of them, personally, but, whatever works for you, use.

I've gone through Chicago Airbrush Supply quite a few times, and have always had good expiriences with them. I definitely wouldn't hesitate to order from them again.
il have to say go to coast airbrush definitely. i got my cmsb from chicogo and was concerned when i didnt get the almighty test sheet and at first it didnt seem to impres me fart warning it has a learning curve so dont exactly expect to do micro lines after taking it out of the box .microns are truly the best guns out there the only thing i want toi throw at you before you grab it is the cmsb can use the cheep plastic cups from the aztec and collor changing is as quick as fixing a miss spelled word using your spell checker . also yo can add a valve at the gun before the water trap and it already has the .18 to change the size after you have the diferant set up takes abut as long as changing the needle and unscrewing the fluid head. and if you get from coast i belive theyl fix it any time for free also i am not sure but if you talk to dave im sure he can re instal the .18 before shipping but youl have to call coast and ask him .and if i changed your mind and you decide to go to coast tell dave the airbrushing ferret sent you . it wont get you or me a free treat but hes upset i went to chicogo after spending time with him on the phone talking about the micron lol maybe hel be nice to the weasel again . ps i do belive thel even match the price
i want to add to what the dragon said I have also had no problems with chicogo but for a micron id definatly go coast . also i use etac and com art and my micron seems to work the same at anything from 5 psi up to 30 if i go to 50 psi and pull the needle back slightly the things like a blow torch with paint awesome like a heavy gun anbd super fine gun in onelast ly i have a regulator right next to me no need for a mac valve and the short distance from the trigger to tip is nice also also no shadow or cup in the way and its slightly lighter good for small ferrets its a weasely bit lighter .........ok the last one im just joking lol
dand jag now im thinking of getting the cmc+ myself dang does anybody know where the next airbrush a holic meating is

It's here, I think. But the 12 steps are a little different for this group, and relapses are encouraged. As is spellcheck.
And yes, Coast is a great place to order from. Most of my orders go to either to Chicago or Coast, usually just depending on which website I go to first. I don't have any personal ties to either place, but in my many internet orders over the years, they are the two vendors that I feel have earned my trust and my business.