micron fluid head asembly


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if i wanted to order another needle for my micron do i need to get the whole head assembly. what is actually meant by matched head assembly just curious the needle on the micron is a lot more robust Thain the infinity i haven't bent it yet but it doesn't look the best in the loop just don't understand what makes it so special is the needle finely polished to match its nozzle
Kens prob the best person to answer this m8, I've heard many say similar that its a good idea to buy a full set, I would have thought as they sell needles by themselves that any needle should suit the head assembly as long as they are from the same gun type..I've changed out needles by themselves for my Badger 150 and 155 and they worked fine in the old head assembly, again being mass produced I would have figured that each isn't individually matched to a specific head but on a more expensive gun perhaps they are to ensure the best quality and if you do bend ya needle by dropping it and then pull it out of the gun, this bend itself could indeed damage the fine nozzle as you pull it out so perhaps thats why many have to by both???..Perhaps Ken could shed some light for ya m8, drop Badger an email and ask..
i think you mean dave moning at coast i will cal them tomorrow i just thought id ask tonight i actually put my infinity needle in it it worked i thought it would do even finer work easier but the needle is finer and les tapered so it protrudes further out from the tip keeping it further off the work i think for the mean time ill do a series of fine wiggly lines on a piece of paper and send it to iwata so there technician can look and see if it seems like the guns spraying at its peak its like even mitch told me through a pm that the gun seems to paint certain paints or colors better Thain others the damn thing does do some fine detail no doubt but i would like to paint brown hair like individual eye brow hairs and have them look real like i said the com art bright colors like reds blues greens it puts down micro lines any finer and you wont be painting lol
just the needle. they are not custom matched to the head assembly They are strong and you can straiten them better than any others I have tried Buuuut nothing like a fresh one