micron fluid head or just replace nozzle how much does it realy matter


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just curious as most regulars here already know i dropped my micron last month and damaged the nozzle and needle. Even though i have perfectly straightened and polished the needle. The thing stil works but its not the same and cash is not exactly flowing like thinner out of a binks auto sprayer more like partialy dried clumpy createx through an infinity .15 so with that said i now have two micron fluid heads one from last year when it accidentally fell out of the holder and the one thats in it now so a new nozzle is 50 usd a whole fluid head is 140 and i know i can remove the nozzle i am not worried about that I am concerned about the whole matched fluid head system thing its the nozzle cap or regulator the nozzle has to protrude a certain distance from the opening and has to be centered but i cant imagine each nozzle made being slightly different. The only other good thing about getting a new fluid head is i will have a new crown cap iI personally hate using them because i like to wipe clean the needle tip continuously no mater what paint i use. but since i already damaged two nozzles i think i should use the cap and just take it off only when doing super fine details. perhaps tomorow i will call iwata my self i am also thinking of just sending them the extra fluid head but now i wont get it back til a week or two if i order the nozzle from chicogo or coast it wil be on my door step bu middle of next week
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If you send it out though, they can tell you if the other heads are damaged.

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Like WM said .. If you send the brush to Iwata (call first)They will tune it and only replace what is needed and it will come back SWEEEEEET If you bought from coast deff. send it to them with a shout out to David before you do Personally I think its worth the wait and it wont take long because they both know some of us will go hungry without.. that said, you will also not have to worry that the brush may not be all that it can be just my 2 cents I take mine to David
im thinking of just ordering a nozzle due to my shaky existence with land lord besides i have an extra fluid head and i cant say if i am going to be here much longer i might have to go to emergency housing i cant even air beush at nighy but i guess it means its a good time to send it
no not at all just the edge of the nozzle were the needle bent. i cant see a part that small making a difference unles i saw a picture of iwata technicians working with micro scopes polishing and grinding fluid heads there is also a very small fracture it can only be seen with my high power loop a new nozzle and needle with shipping is just under 70 usd from chicogo if i order tomorrow morning it wil be on my door step Tuesday i might add a fresh renegade needle to the list . when i go to florida (still witing for my apointment) I will send it out to iwata for a full tune up from now on if i ever order another iwata gun i will order from coast only lol
I would buy new nozzles for both the heads. That way you could switch between them, and possibly find the better matching pair.
It's all about high how it sits compared to the nozzle cap. There might be differences in the head, the cap or the nozzle, and the matching is finding the right combination. Sure, it is possible to to gently polish on the surfaces of the head or the nozzle cap, but first, just try a couple of different combinations, and you are quite possible to find a decent performing set.