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Hi I have some problem with the needle. There is some white part in the airbrush that stop it from moving forward to its place in the nozzle. The interesting thing is that this part have probably always been there but never stop it before. It's not a true micron, it's a Chinese one. The part that I'm talking about is the white one. It's diameter is smaller than the one of the needle

By the way. I don't know what the silver part does. I know that I can screw it tighter or loosen it up .what kind of effect does it have by doing so?

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That's the needle bearing. They can get crushed if over tightened or if soaked in airbrush restorer or other type of solvent it can swell. Either one can cause the problem.
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You will probably need to order one from either the airbrush manufacturer or someone who supplies parts for it.
You may possibly be able to recover it by twisting a small drill bit inside it to bore it out slightly, but it will increase the chances of it leaking paint back into the airbrush body. If you do this and make the hole too big it will definitely be ruined. This is a last resort as it may not work.