Micron o-ring help



The o-ring on my micron has split, the cheapest replacement I can find is around £10.00 from Graphic air.
During a search on the web I found an airbrush called an AB 180, which looks very similar in design to the micron,(o-ring price £1.80) does anyone know if the o-ring is the same size, or where I could get a replacement o-ring from. £10.00 is a bit steep.
ps I live in the UK.
i order from chicago air brush supply but it is in the u.s , sorry bout the prob, know it is frustrating not being able to use the airbrush,
Why not phone the people at Everythingairbrush. They sell both so I'm sure they will know better.
Jacksparrow try www.lion-art.nl the o-ring cost 2.50 euro and he can mail it to you in a envelope so i guess the postal cost can't be much (order two than you have one spare )

But you can also measure the inside diameter and the thickness of the o ring and contact some o-ring suppliers in the uk, they might sent you a few for 2.50 euro the costs of these o-rings are only a few cents a piece, but lacks the nice iwata package.
Thanks for the link,
i've ordered a couple from them, there prices are very reasonable and i'm sure they'll be getting more of my business.

Has anyone replaced the packing head o-ring on an iwata hp-b?? I've managed to get the needle packing screw off, but can't figure out how to get the o-ring out.
As far as i know there is no o-ring behind the needle packing screw!!! The screw it self contains a ptfe (the white inside ) ring which is the packing for the needle. If they had put an o ring over there the gun isn't solvend proof.
i've looked at the diagram and you're right, never to old to learn i guess. To remove the o-ring a o-ring pick is your best choice, or an old dentist hook.

Does your needle chucking contains a ptfe seat on the inside?
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I start to get confused by the two diagrams provided!!!! On the iwata site they say it is a ptfe seat, and the one you came up with says it is a o-ring.

I guess that the iwata one is right because they stated that the hp-b is solvend proof, and equipt with a o-ring it isn't.

Take a good look inside when there is no o-ring visible, there isn't one most likely, and when in doubt contact lion-art he's the one that can clarify things as he does repairs and airbrush tuning as well.
I managed to prick it out with a needle,
fingers crossed the new one goes in as easily as the old one came out.
Not sure about the needle chucking, I don't think it has.
Does anyone know if the needle packing screw for a custom micron needs to be sealed?
Can I just replace the o-ring and screw it back in? Number 5 in the parts diagram:: https://airbrushes.com/product_info.php?products_id=248&product2_id=12
Thx in advance

I doubt very much if it should be sealed, like any other airbrush you would simply replace your "O" ring if necessary and then screw it back, it is designed to be adjustable and you may have difficulty removing it in the future if it was sealed.
Thx Madbrush,
mine is eaten away so badly there is no adjustment, so wasn't sure if it was adjustable or not.
Thx Madbrush,
mine is eaten away so badly there is no adjustment, so wasn't sure if it was adjustable or not.

If it's that bad I would put in a new screw as well as the ring to avoid what could be expensive damage to pistol it'self, if that screw is damaged in any way it could scrape the the needle and cause untold damage, the screw should move easily if you wanted to take it out.
Just put in an Teflon replacement ring, then you don't have that problem any more if you use solvents.