Micron owners, need advice


Needle-chuck Ninja
I know I have been popping up a lot lately but I have one more question. I am seriously thinking of getting the CM-C+ either from Coast or driving down to Seattle. Anyways if I do this I would have an extra $100-150 to spend on spare parts. So with that in mind what parts would you get, and I am not talking about hoses and quick connects. Obviously a couple of needles but what else?
If you can squeeze out a needle and a nozzle, then do it. Otherwise just as many needles as you can get. If you are cautious in your working, they will last a very long time.
Needle and nozzle are the only spare parts you'll need as they always seem to get damaged on a saturday evening (if you manage to damage sommething else you'll probably won't need spare parts as someone must have dropped a thermo nuclear device on your head :p). Nozzles are not sommething that (with normal use) damage easily needles on the otherhand do tend to get damaged sommetimes.

It can also be verry usefull to have a spare needle and nozzle for trouble shooting when you have a problem with the gun.
I just made a thread about microns....are there different connects you need for that AB? I see that as an option when you buy it.
If you are like most you will want to try the .18 setup. I have both. nice thing is you dont need to adjust the packing to go back and forth between needles and maybe a little easier in the ultra fine department although paint reduction becomes more of an issue.. Bad thing is I personally just use the .23 anyway Control is KING
Congrats on your purchase Kurt