Mini Hvlp guns?



Im familiar with auto spray guns , but not the full ins and outs . Which brand is best in a mid range price 100-250 range . Every name makes one or more . Im looking for a decent gun , atomizes well , covers well . Low maintenance .

Can't is not an excuse .
Maybe DeVilbiss, they have the starting line series in that price range.
Wm , i was looking at those . Do you know if they are a fairly decent gun . Not looking for expert results just good results , good atomization

Can't is not an excuse .
The devilbiss range are pretty descent guns. I would consider one of them.

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I have both a devilbiss and sata , I like the sata just a little better . But either will do a great job.
I'd like to add a question to this thread. What would be a good air compressor size to run a spray gun?
I like at least a 30 gallon compressor with water trap and regulator , but thats for small to medium size pieces ( sign panel to say a car hood ) but anything bigger needs a bigger tank to keep up

Can't is not an excuse .