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Ok... so i bought a candy red (urethane) for a job i have to do on a car. Can i first do the design in black and white WITH my auto-air colors (waterbase)... and put a layer of urethane candy red all over my design. Will it cause problems ? Createx says that their colors are urethane compatible but i wanna ask someone who did try it before... And if yes, can i go ever my solvent base paint with my a-a white to do some details?
Thx and have a hell of a great day!
I have had no issue using a true candy over AA or Wicked. I do heat set the paint and allow plenty of time for it to cure first.
Just have to make sure each paint is fully cured, not just dry. Urethane candy takes awhile to full cure and will try to soak up the aa if sprayed over it. I personally would say if you are using urethane Kandy then just use urethane white. But to each his own. It can be done but are inherent risks with compatibility when you could just use the same system throughout the job and have no worries.

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Also when you put the candy over it, use light layers and let it dry, if you hammer it on like normally , the solvents will react with the aa. Treat it the same as clearcoating over waterbased with the 2 dry coats to lock it then wet.

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Damn.. i did a quick sketch in airbrush with my aa deep red and traffic red... And it seems i created the same freakin' color as the red of the car i gotta do. I think i'll just keep the candy red for my lancer this summer.. but sincerely, thanks for all the tips, they are precious!;)
i created the same freakin' color as the red of the car i gotta do

LOL, thats kinda the idea...I assume now you have a red car and you want to do some graphics or images and then candy that so it sits in the red base coat, though remember a candy will just keep getting darker and darker the more layers so it may look the same color but it will be different when sprayed, then different again if sprayed some more so on so forth...One of the most important colors to me when airbrushing autos is that actual base coat color so everything blends into the existing paint job, thats what I'll clean and refine and blend the artwork with..Paint in ya pics or graphics and then lightly (As mentioned dont go in to hard) base the whole car with your candy, then use that candy to deepen and enrich the actual artwork, you may darken the tone slightly of the base red but it will blend all nicely together..What kind of image or work are you actually trying to produce?

Ya other questions kinda been answered, yes you can but be careful, for the extra 20-30 bucks a litre of white and black would cost I'd go with the same system throughout..We all try to save money but sometimes that decision can bite us in the bum, using the same system reduces any possible reactions or issues, uro's will def last longer and are more durable, especially for auto work as you I'm sure want it looking as good 10 years later as it did the day you painted it, but it is a common thing many peeps do without an issue (Mixing the two), but some do and me I'd rather pay the extra $30 to save any potential of having to redo an entire paintjob because something didnt work or was overlooked...GL
Well, the guy wanted it to be candy red, but i wanted the original color. I did my sketch of the design and try to reproduce the red with a photo only. End up being perfect match. Im a color psychic. Im stuck with 170$ of candy red urethane cause the guy decide finally to go for my color instead!:p Im a lil bit nervous since its my first time on a car... got sooo much questions. hehe! Thx for the guidance and tips, i really appreciate!
Good god how much candy did you buy to be $170

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Lool! 0.5 L of paint! ...and its the cheapest i found around my place! Everything is expensive in Quebec.