Mixed-Up Needles and Nozzles



So let's say <cough> hypothetically... a noob ordered and received several needle/nozzle sets for a couple of completely different airbrush designs. And after an assisted clean-up of the area, this hypothetical noob discovered a container of unlabeled needles and nozzles. Obviously, there are nozzles that fit Airbrush A and nozzles that fit Airbrush B. Is there any way to determine which needles go to which nozzles... other than just trying test the possible permutations? Thanks!
Hypothetically, that sounds like a problem. I wonder the same myself. If you mix them up, can you really tell them apart? I considered painting the very back of the needles different colors. I am interested if there is a good answer to this completely hypothetical situation. : )
Some manufacturers mark their needles with grooves on the rear. If any of yours are marked, that could be a clue. Other than that, when most of my needles are matched with the correct nozzle, they will stick out about one to two millimeters. Much more or much less, and it's probably a bad match. Don't forget the third component. The spray regulator aka nozzle cap aka air cap also has to match.

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