Mixing colors, HELP!!!



hey ppl, im really having a problem when it comes to mixing colors. iv got the color wheel which i use but it isn't much help, ie. the basic color wheel. does any1 know a good mixing guide that i can use, pref using i mixing guide using drops. just say one drop red and one drop blue will give u a certain color, stuff like that. i hope yourl get what i mean lol. any advise???
Teez, it is not that easy. All blues are not the same, as is not all reds, yellows or violets. You get warm and cold blues, warm red and cold reds. You need to understand colour. If you want to work like that, then you need pure blue, red, yellow and black and nothing else. From there you can make you own colour wheel.

Have a look at this video.

Color wheel chart mixing theory painting tutorial - YouTube
Yes, I found it informative and easier to understand...thanks!
Thought I'd just throw this out there too: Golden Virtual Paint Mixer

You can select the starting colours you want, then play around with the levels to see the result. You also has the option of uploading an image and using the eye-dropper, and it will tell you which colours to mix and the ratios. I haven't tried it yet, so I'm not sure how accurate it is (and of course it will differ slightly with different types of paint), but it might be a good starting point.

I would strongly suggest that if you can get the chance go on a manufactures tinting class . This will give you a better understanding and a method to adapt to achieve your desired finish . I did a coarse a few years ago $80 for the day and it was worth every penny .Remember colours have side and under tones as well which can also be altered to give other perspectives .
Also be aware that if the monitor you are using to look at those computer based color programs isnt calibrated the color is going to look different than what you actually get. Maybe by a little, maybe by a lot. Also remember that monitors only use R B G to render colors and printers use CMYK so you gamuts are limited through both of those media...
You can (and should) read about colot theory a lot but knowing the theory doesn't mean you can also apply it. I'd advise to do some exersizes to get some experience in mixing colors and get an actual feel for it.

Make a couple of color wheem with opaque paints (try different shades of blue yellow and red)
Make a color wheel with transparant paints
Make a color wheel where you use opaques for the 1st layer but use transparants to make the secondary colors (so paint the yellow orange and green yellow for instance and thand use blue and red in transparants to create the orange and green)
Pick a color and fade it to white
Pick a color and fade it to black
Pick a color (not yellow) and make it its highlight color using white and the next color on the wheel
pick a color and fade it to its shadow color (not using black)