Mixing liquid watercolour with Acrylic base?



This may seem a stupid question but since I intend to do a fair amount of fine art stuff with liquid watercolours, is it possible to buy a colourless acrylic base and tint that for use on other surfaces? They are VERY concentrated in colour and it seems daft to duplicate colours in acrylic if I don't need to.
I've looked on the internet but all the various options are confusing me, too much choice!
I think it will be fin on paper, board and canvas but not hard surfaces like metal or plastic.
Just use a glazing medium. There are tons for acrylics. It's white but dries clear. It acts as a binder. Be suitable for canvas and paper work, but not hard surface.

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You can make acrylic stick to metal by using an oil based primer, but still no uv protection and 2k clear would most likely eat it alive even after long cured. Paints like wicked have special resins in them that make them able to be urethane top coated.

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Thanks for the info!

For the moment it looks like I shall be sticking to liquid watercolours by Vallejo, designed for the airbrush. I did get some acrylic 'thickener' which was the only one the shop had and tried it out mixed with the above. It did one thing that I wanted it to do in that it made it easier to do VERY fine lines with my .3 needle without getting so spidery...:)

If I decide I want to do any other textiles, I'll have to go for the proper acrylic stuff. I don't anticipate doing vehicles of any kind!
See if you can get some "Golden liquid airbrush medium" you can deffo get it off ebay about 8 pounds for a 120ml bottle. Works well..

The store I was in today stocked a few Golden items but not that. It may be a problem shipping here, customs are getting funny about all sorts of innocent stuff.
It's finding stuff in Spain that is hard. There are a few internet companies but you tend to find the postage is extortion and not worth it unless you are really stocking up. I'm trying to find all the local suppliers but considering not even the manufacturers sites say where they are...
If you got to createx colors international dealers site, there is a listing for 2 places in barcelona. They May Carry Wicked or something Besides Original formula.

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Thanks Justin! I'm near Alicante so I'd still have to get stuff posted. I really like to see what I'm getting if I can too.