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So I know the idea to making colors but how do you mix the tiny amounts of paint. And any tips about what to mix it in? Having a hard time getting a nice homogenous color in small batches.
You can just count drops to get your ratio's. Some people will mix in the airbrush cup, just count out the drops and use back pressure to mix the paint. You could get some little paint storage cups and mix in those. I've used some similar to these, only they were individual cups instead of connected. I'm pretty sure I got them at Hobby Lobby too.
I use these cups for my projects, they are small and work great.

I use them for color matching, where the color has to be exact. I generally pre mix my opaque base colors in them. I mix my colors with bar stir sticks, I already had them on hand from a party, since they are plastic, they wipe clean easily and are re-usable.


The very first part of the mixing process i just use drops of paint out of the bottle to get the color close. When I need slight tweaks, I put a drop of paint on a piece of plastic and dip a toothpick in to shift the tone just slightly. The toothpick method is what I use most for mixing in the paint cup because the amount of paint in it is generally so small that using entire drops of paint is way too much.
Those Darice cups are just like the ones I use, they do work great.
I've always mixed in the airbrush and back flushed to mix. Can also mix it in airbrush cup and use a brush or whatever. Only time I use actual cups is if making a larger batch of a specific color. Waste more paint putting in a cup to mix then all that unusable paint drying up on the cup.
I mix in the cup normally, yes it doesn't allow for the reducer to work it's magic, but oh well. That said, if I know I need a lot of a color I will mix it in a small plastic cup for airbrushing or a paint mixing cup if using a spray gun.
I mix in the AB, as above, count the drops, use a toothpick, and back flush for a final stir up. I am yet to paint something that needs more than a few drops of colour plus reducer / base so it's worked just fine. I am off to a dru Blair workshop soon, so maybe that will change the way I do it........always learning new stuff!
I usually mix in the airbrush as well unless it's for a bigger project. To add tiny amounts of paint to tint or change the shade or tone. I'll use a tooth pick or a Q tip tube I've ripped the cotton off of. Because one drop of color out of the bottle may be too much color change I am looking for. I'll put a drop of paint on a piece of paper and dip the toothpick or Q tip tube in the drop then mix it into the cup. Or I'll just get a tiny bit of paint out of the bottle if my toothpick or tube is clean so I don't contaminate the bottle. A small brush might work too. Mixing I'll either back flush or put the cap on my cup and shake the airbrush with my thumb over the vent hole
For very small amounts i mix in the AB,i do always add reducer to the AB first before colour as i feel this method back flushes better and stops any colour being left out of the mix . Larger mixes will be done in extra jars and tinted with a tooth pick ,especially when using black or white .I only ever use black or white in a mix at the very end ,if at all as i tend to explore the colours of the mix first to obtain the correct colour .
I use a cheap plastic mixing palette. Easy to clean and cheap if you need to replace it.

Jello shot cups work too. But mainly, I count the drops in my ab cup, and jot it down on paper.
So I wanted to do the same thing but was hoping for a little more accuracy. I bought syringes with no needles at the pharmacy and they work awesome for measuring paint accurately. When plunge the paint out, it completely cleans the syringe out
I use these little glass jars that I get at the Dollar store. I get 8 for $1.25. They come with a cork top. I can soak and wash them out after use and reuse them over and over. I use Popsicle (craft) sticks to mix with. I use one end then the other end later on....they cost me $1 for 100
For mixes I count drops and record it on paper or mark the side of the bottle with a marker, if I need more...
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I learned from one of the better artists here to use an eyedropper. Whether in the AB or in a tiny cup, nothing mixes paint quite like an eyedropper, it will stir up everything in the bottom of the AB. Counting drops is a lot easier than just out of the bottle. Just keep it in a small jar of water to keep it clean. I really hate all those bubble from back flushing.
I use a eyeddropper, obviously i am no the subject that mention barquester. I a newbie. I bought different size since 5ml to 250ml. Some kind recipents are solvent resistent.
Since my last post on this thread, I started using the disposable Solo .5oz plastic cups with lids. Cleaning those other ones I was using got to be a pain in the ass.
I use a eyeddropper, obviously i am no the subject that mention barquester. I a newbie. I bought different size since 5ml to 250ml. Some kind recipents are solvent resistent.
I want to say i bought a lot of bottles with dropper peak to save the rest of paint.
Sorry by my hard english.