Mixing transparents with white



I have a few questions figuring out the color mixing , blending, etc.
in de tutorial Mitch did the red head, he was trying to create the colors he needed for the painting. He first mixed the opaque colors and started of with a white, but when he goes on about transparents he doesnt use the white and starts with a yellow. Can you start with a white and mix with transparents? And with the transparents, do you also have to create the three tones high, mid and low?
Whatever you mix with a white becomes opaque, whether transparent, or opaque to start with.

Young Meetch does a tutorial on skin tones with both opaques and transparents on YouTube buddy!!
Yes, i have been watching that demo. Where he uses the transparent over the opaques and blending out. The thing is i have a few transparents i practiced with but they are not realy primary colors : carmine red, lemmon yellow, prussian blue. I started matching the colors getting the carmine red and prussian blue pretty close to the tone i wanted . Now i have to get the skin tones and the hairs. The hairs im not so worried about but the skin tone i didnt get because i didnt know it was allowed to mix transparent with white. But thx now i know if i do, it will act as an opaque.


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Basically mate when you add white to a transparent it will become opaque as Clive said. Dru Blair calls this a buffer colour, with a trans the more layers you add the darker it will get.
With opaque once you reach 100% opacity that's the tonal value.
Using a transparant white or black with another transparant will not make them opaque. The moment you add a drop of opaque white (or black) to a transparant the transparant becomes opaque though.