Mobile compressor



Hi, i am looking to buy a mobile compressor that is man enough to use with a spray gun. Spraying at around 40 psi. Any suggestion would be much appreciated, I do not want something to big as I need it to paint murals in houses.
Cheers guys
Have you ever considered a turbine set up ? They are fully portable /have no moisture issues /very little maintenance needed / no fluctuations with air flow /can spray for as long as you like /Less overspray etc .The list goes on .There are various makes and models i use an Apollo set up from the states which utilises there atomiser 7500 gravity feed gun with easy clean pps disposable liners . The initial costs may well be more than a compressor but these set ups have come on a long way in the past few years and believe me they can spray a big variety of finishes .I have been using one instead of a compressor set up for over 2 years now and would not go back .
There are lots of other brands in the market place but i must admit these guys really know there stuff .The other big plus point is that the atomiser 7500 spray gun can be use in all configurations of pots and cups .They have a very comprehensive line up of air caps and needle/nozzle combinations to suit all your needs and it can be used with a compressor if you wish .Since using the 7500 gun i have never had any issues with blending metallics or pearls due to the excellent atomisation even in the middle of a panel .