Moisture filter



I have a couple of questions about in line moisture filters. First is there a specific filter for removing oil from the compressed air? I am running an modded compressor with an old fridge motor so there is oil in the line. Second what would be a good cleaner for the bronze filter medium? I am currently using a product called Super Clean. It is purple and cleans oil and grease like mad. I don't clean the filter medium often, only when I start to get fluid in the filter up by the airbrush.

I have double filters one pre tank and one post tank right before my regulator. If there is a specific filter for removing oil I think I should look into getting one. Long term running pushes more oil than I am comfortable with.
an oil/water seperating filter should work for you you can get them at most auto parts stores,Also if your getting oil up into your airbrush you might want to replace the hose as it has oil in it (might be why your getting oil in the brush in the first place)also your pre tank filter won't do much unless your line from the compresser to the tank is long enough to let the air vapor cool before going in the tank