Moisture trap fake ?


Air-Valve Autobot!
Hello !!!

Some time ago ( 2 months) I buy a cheap air filter , the type that goes between the hose and the airbrush.
Yesterday I found in the release valve water and oil , so I empty the air tank and purge it , this is what i found


I have been suspicious about the air filter because in all of this time , I never found a single drop of water in it , by now , look like brand new


Is that correct or this filter does not trap anything ?
The point of having a moisture trap attached to your airbrush is to prevent your airbrush spitting water on your work. The water came from the compressor i assume? They also have to be drained every now and then....i do this once a week myself. The moisture trap seems ok to me....question is did the airbrush start to spit water on your paintwork? If not....then it does it's job well.
The dark water that came out of the compressor is actually rust. You have to drain the tank daily. I'm sure the little one is doing it's job otherwise you will have water drops all over you art. But then again, maybe you are lucky and the water does not travel up the hose in the first place. It is actually a good idea to have a trap just after the compressor.
Also remember that the air coming out of the compressor is usually warm or even hot, which means it can hold more water. If the moisture trap is too close, like most are, then the moisture traps don't seem to work for crap.

I have one of those coiled air hoses before my moisture traps which are well ABOVE the tank, then a moisture trap on the airbrush itself. Having the coil there lets the air cool and drop more moisture out of suspension and back into the tank. I don't see any water anymore in my moisture traps. They used to have oil and a little water mixed in them when mounted closer and at level with the tanks.
This is normal operation, air is heated when compressed it cools in tank which causes water to build up. By the colour your tank has surface rust internally. Just drain daily to prevent further corrosion.


Thanks to all for the fast responses !!!!!
For your opinions I assume that the filter is OK !!!!
Sometimes my Airbrush spit ink and make spiders (not very often) , but I think that is for my lack of skills , plus the tip dry problem that I'm fighting and I can't solve yet ( yes , I know is normal with water based inks , but is driving me crazy)
With those traps its a manual drain so keep an eye on the water level and vent when signs of build up. I find a small build up can some times breach the filter and spit. I found com art great paint to start with as you donhave to worryabout reduction and tip dry.


Thanks Tufty , I use comªart trasnparent green and opaque yellow and white.
I have no problems with transparent green and yellow , but I use both as candys over white in a black canvas , as a cover layer.
When I use white rigth from the bottle for highlights details , the tip dry was horribly annoying
Thanks AndreZa !!
I use between 15 and 20 PSI , normally 15 , is too low ? I like the control that I have but maybe that increase the tip dry too
Thanks AndreZa !!
I use between 15 and 20 PSI , normally 15 , is too low ? I like the control that I have but maybe that increase the tip dry too

I'm about at 15psi but have gone down to 8. It still happens some colours more then others.