Mojo 111



Hi all,

I have managed to get my hands on a (Mike Learn) Mojo 3 !

just wondered if any of you had used one? I have seen a lot of comparison to that of a micron as it is a precision detail brush.

I got it for a good price, so while I save up for my infinity this will have to do

any feedback or knowledge you guys have on these brushes would be appreciated




ok my friend you should look for a thread i did a while ago called mojo ro no mojo,right here in the airbrushes section!!!

there you will find the answers you look.i on my own bought the spare parts so i can put in my talon!!!they are lot of mixed feeling about the mojos,so i can´t tell you more.

hope this helps!!!:angel:


Awesome stuff, that was a good read, thank you for that :)
I think I will have a go with it some point this week and see what I think.

it didn't break the bank so if its no good then at least I won't be too disappointed with parting with lots of money!


I own a mojo 3 and a 2. And 2 microns, soltar20/20 and other iwata and richpens.

My top go-to brush is the mojo 2. Then the microns.

My take in the mojo3 is it is a detail brush. That means close up work. As soon as you back away the brush does not do any better than my hp-cs. But up close with the pressure waaaayy down (20-25psi) you can make it paint microscopic. It's not a beginners airbrush. It takes a lot of understanding to get the amazing results it is capable of. When you get the sweet spot of reduction, pressure and paint you can make highlights on a fly's ass.

But that is what it does best. Don't use it for large areas or even much general fades. I break it out at the very end of a painting to tighten up the detail. Mostly I use the mojo2.

It's a good brush but very niche. I had a love hate relationship with it for over a year. Now I only use urothaines through it and it is consistent. Even with com-art I was getting clogs and would tear it down only to put it back together and have other issues. I sent it to Mike and he went through it and sent it back. It is paint great now and no more water base through it for me.


Hi Tigertron, Great to hear you have a couple of the mojos and know how to use them! I was after a detail brush so I thought I would give the mojo 3 a go as it was relatively cheap, especially compared to a micron!! I gave it a little test yesterday just to see how fine the lines would go and I was shocked at how thin they are, hairline with ease!!! I use the neo for iwata for the main bulk of my work, seems to work well for me! I also have an Iwata HP BC suction feed but cant seem to get that working, never used it on a picture, I should really get that looked at! Cheers again for your comment, you have given me hope :)