mojo 3 spare parts review!!



well i know is being a while since i have posted anything,but you know life happens...but the point of this thread is not to tlak why i have been a little off from the forum,but to talk about my recent toys:the mojo 3 spare parts in a talon!!!

first lets talk that i did 3 tests against the H&S Infinity 0.15 and the Paasche Talon 0.25,also i want to make clear that is was done in three stages at the same pressure,10 psi.the three stages were done at different reducing rates:10 to 1,5 to 1 and 0 to 1.

first how the they came:



stage 1

2.DSC06892.jpg 3.DSC06893.jpg

stages 2 and 3

4.DSC06901.jpg 5.DSC06902.jpg

now the review

detail:as you can see in the images the Infinity defeats the Mojo 3 and Talon 0.25 by far,but as you have read from me i have told you that in a good day the Talon can be as detailed or more than the Infinity you can see that the Mojo 3 is also more constant than the Talon so i can get very detailed more than often.i say that i can be as good as the Infinity not just in good days!

responce:also i have told you that the Talon is more reponsive than the Infinity,by the moment of pulling the trigger in the german gun i have to pull a lot ,but in the case of the Talon,not so much.but the spare parts of Mojo...I LOVE IT!!! i have to barely pull the trigger to spray paint,as you can see i need to adjust to barely pullin the trigger, that is why some of the dots are a little off or to much paint or to big!!!

dry tip:we all know that is going to happen sooner rather than later,the Infinity behave as usual it takes some time to get to that stage,the Talon well it takes longer to get dry tip...the mojo 3 spare parts do get dry tip really fast,specially at low reducer rates.but that to be expected in presicion airbrushes,but the Infinity takes a lot longer!

delivery: the Inifinity and the Talon do come in a protected case so no harm can happen in delivery.the Mojo 3...they came just as you can see.the down side is that i bought a complete front replacement and spare needle and tip...the tips came defective,so i send an email to the learns and still wating...that is the main reason for not posting this thread,waiting for an answer from the learns.the so called fast responce from them has not happend to me...which makes very unhappy since as you know am not in the USA, so getting dollars is a very tricky thing...which made feel that i spended my money for nothing...

price: since i just bought spare parts is a nice deal,if you want to compare the Mojo 3 to Talon and the Infinty,you can check the Learn´s site and Chicago airbrush Supply,and will find the order,form cheapest to expensive,Talon,Mojo and Infinity!!!

so the three stages where done with the costumized 0.2 needles.

in retrospective i can say that the Talon IS THE MOST VERSATILE AIRBRUSH AROUND BY FAR,with needles such as 0.66,0.38,0.3,0.25 and 0.2 has no match around the world!!!!

my recommendation:if you own a Talon,BUY the needles and you´ll be in detail bussiness in no time.if you want to buy a Mojo,well since i don´t have a Mojo but a customized Talon...and the experience in the deivery,buy a Talon and the needles,is cheaper by a 75 dollars at least,without shipping and handling!!!!

hope it helps and puts some light in the Mojo 3 expectations!!!
what was defective about the mojo III tips?

I've heard of people who use Paasche's that they have to buy a bunch of tips and needles at a time because some are too far out of spec from the factory to work right. Just wondering if that's the case here as well. I'd think that would sort of negate the whole "spares are cheaper than Iwata parts" advantage.

btw- for better response with the Infinity, you can use a .2 needle with the .15 nozzle. It makes the Infinity noticably more responsive, but still easy to control.

Cool review.
actually they came out of the package bended,so that was my claim with the manufacturers,because as you can see,they where in the same bag with the other spares,so in the delivery they where "jumping around" in side the package!

in my case i have little complain about i have been using a Talon for a couple of years and the spares i have bought,where bought because of accidents.

here is not the same,because in the case of .2 needle you get responsiveness but loose a little of the detail,in here is that it was a 0.25 with a 0.2 needle!

thanks man for pointing some facts that i missed!!!:triumphant:
Good on you i would have not thought about using the spare parts in that fashion. I have a Mojo III and use it intermittently. I feel the trigger is too stiff compared to earlier models. You can fine tune it by tightening or loosening the air-cap to the sweet spot. I have a Peak C-5 that Mike Hobo'd and it has both a .2 and .3 needle and does just as good IMO. Hope they get back to you soon I have found them to be really responsive in the past for customer needs and concerns. The early needles on the Mojo III were too delicate and have since been changed to a more durable material. I really don't have a go to brush at this point and kind of bounce around from brush to brush just with I haven't used that one in a while attitude. Thanks for the review
thank you man!!!well i stop waiting for any responce from them,so i guess they don´t care or they missed it,but i did try a lot to get them,but who the case of the peak i have heard a lot of good things about it,but here i had a fierce responce on the fact that Bear sold 2 defective mojo 2s to a mate here,so that put me to play it "safe" i bought a old but brand new Turbo and the spare parts for the mojo,with mixed feelings,am still trying to learn the Turbo and will be making a review of the Turbo against the infinity soon!

and thank you for the input,actually i forgot to tell that the needle has the same appearance of the traditional talon needle!

thank you man for stoping and contributing to the review!!!:triumphant:
I looked into buying a mojo 3 but it seems that the product is no longer available. What happened ? It seems that the paasche vision is the only option that is close to the mojo but with the added mac style valve. Did he have problem with paasche as a supplier?
Very nice write up . I always worry about buying modded airbrushes from any place not just from Mike . Mainly because I want to know will I still be able to get parts 10 years from now?
But I have thought of getting a Talon just for the fan spray tip .
I looked into buying a mojo 3 but it seems that the product is no longer available. What happened ? It seems that the paasche vision is the only option that is close to the mojo but with the added mac style valve. Did he have problem with paasche as a supplier?
mojo is garbage

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I owe a talon and I used it once or twice before the nozzle gave in it no sits in a draw as a reminder never to buy a talon again this airbrush cant hold a candle to my Iwata's
Mike Learn should let people know what is the status of the Mojo III. There's still a facebook page and mentions of it here and there.

Nobody I've seen uses one. I tried one and sold it. Iwata is just hands down better than anything Paasche could possibly produce even with a guy like Mike trying to fix all it's problems.
Can you still buy the MOJO I looked for the site think it's down.
Can you still buy the MOJO I looked for the site think it's down.

I don't think so and even if it was, I would not get one seeing that there is no aftersales service. Maybe if you can get it cheap and just as a show piece.