Mojo 3?



I had no reason to get another airbrush after getting my Badger Krome. It's capable of doing so much more than I have the skills to do However, my wife noticed I was checking out the new Mojo 3 out online and ordered a 2 gun set with all the bells and whistles for a gift. There dose not seem to be a lot of information on the web about it. Does anyone know anything about it that they can share? Thanks.
As far as I know it's a "Hotrodded" Paasche Talon and has had a lot of great reviews, The Mojo 2 was a great brush (richpen) but parts where expensive and availibility of parts out of Japan where slow so mike decided to go with a local firm to correct these problems...

PS. You lucky son of a gun :D
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I was actually considering trying the MOJO III, I've never used a paasche-I love my Iwata's but the price and reviews seem pretty good.