Mojo + / Mobro + combo set just arrived


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My new toys just arrived today, the mojo is based on a richpen phoenix and the mobro is based on richpen apollo. They were both tuned by mike learn IIMG_1086.JPG IMG_1088.JPG am excited to use them here shortly. I will post my thoughts on them once I have used them and seen what they are like.
Great stuff. Enjoy. I must say I would be quite miffed if I pre-ordered the Mojo+ and the name was just hand engraved on it. The original teasers had it nicely factory engraved. But I guess that makes it a pit more personal.
Cool looking toys man. Congrats.
I’m looking forward to seeing what you think of them.

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enjoy! I love my Richpens! I am 99% sure that I have already done the same type of conversion on a 223, that the only differences now are cosmetic - or, I would be buying the 222 to add to the stable. I have several Phoenix and Gemini brushes, and just love the way they work.

I will say, to - that I have passed on buying used mojo's before, because of the engraving on the off side. The Richpens are such a beautifully finished brush that it makes me cringe a little to see that. I get it, but it is not for me.