mojo or no mojo



i have been thinking into getting a new airbrush and i was thinking into buying either a mojo 2(richpen super tuned phoenix) or a mojo 3. but i have found that very few or almost no one has any info upon these two airbrushes, except that steven leahy uses the richpen.does any body have any info in these two abs? will be very thankfull if anyone can put some light into these subject.
Hey Ultraz, I have the Richpen Mojo and its superduper. I have also tried 3 different mojo III including my own which are based on the paasche and I have to say that It's not that good. Sold mine on as soon as I could. I do have the talon and it's got a much smoother action. Even with the .36 setup you can pull some super fine lines. I hate to say it because I like and respect Mike Learn and his products but you do have to fiddle about with them a lot to get them to work reasonably well, personally I think it was just released too early and needs more refining. The Richpen model is still the best though in my opinion.

I also have a Mojo II and really like it. It provides immediate response and even with the .2mm nozzle it atomizes great without having to reduce the crap out of the paint. My only negative is that the trigger is way too close to the cup. Never tried the Mojo III (Paasche) version. Rumor has it that its still Mike Learn who super tunes the Richpen "Super tuned" airbrushes for Bear Air, so in essence, you can still get a Mojo II version, if that's what you're looking for.
hey guys i really a appreciate your comments, i also own a paasche talon and i think is a really good ab and thats why i was thinking about the mojo 3, the thing i had no idea is about mike learn tuning bearair richpens which are precisely what i was thinking to buy
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I would also inquire for how much longer parts will be available for the Mojo II. No use in a product if you can not keep it running. For that kind ogf money I would get either the Krome or the Infinity Solo .15.
If you already have a Talon then you probably wouldn't get on with the MojoIII as i found the Talon much smoother and still instant response. And yeh the trigger is a bit close to the cup on the Richpen but I can live with that.

thanks for your commets they mean a lot for me.and you put me to think in the availability of spare parts, ill try to inquire about that. and how does an infinity performs in relationship to a mojo II?...and by the way ill stick to the talon so at least the mojo III is out of the question.
I had a mojo III and didn't like it. Sold it off. I have a mojo II and don't like cup location. My finger hits it very easily making for a cramped finger. Once I got my Micron CM-C +.... it wasn't even a fair fight.
I have a .2 and a .3 Mojo III and I have to say that my experience has been just the opposite of the other two posters. I think that Mike has made some needed improvements to the Talon. I have pretty much forsaken my Iwata HP-CH in favor of my Mojo pair. I have big hands, and i like the bigger body, taller trigger and the spacing between the trigger and the color cup. Plus, Mike is very good to respond to questions. I think that it's a win-win to support Mike Learn and Paasche, who are two strong advocates of airbrush artists.
thanks man!!!you have put me to think again,your responce will be taken in high consideration.:02.47-tranquillity:
Ultraz, if you already have the Paasche Talon, Some one mensioned that the Talon triger is smoother than the Mojo 3, you can have the best of both brushes. You can buy the .2 head and needle for the Mojo 3 and it will all fit the Talon. I think when I checked on it the .2 needle and head unit was around $35. I thought about buying that head and needle for my Talon but decided to wait because my Talon's .25 works just fine for me now.
Just something to think about. that sounds like a plan...i´ll definitely think about it.thanks man!!!