Monotone Croc Paint Pal


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Hey everyone, thought I'd wack this is the getting real section since it's a good demonstrations of the power of textures. it's really just a walk-through of the paint pal i did for one of our cyber mates on here:)

Just in case Kev gave you the wrong address, I'll PM you with the correct one! :very_drunk:
This is going to be cool , can't wait for part 2, I hope to be able to apply it to another reference I have as well.

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Only at the end say that is the first part , cheater !!!! you hook me again !!! LOL

Great tutorial so far !!!
Are you sure that wasn't Vodka in that bottle, you crazy Aussie bastard? LOL

Great video and entertaining as usual. :D
gunna give this one a go mitch, looks awesome, altho i havnt been able to produce anythiing half decent this past month or so :S