More Badger Patriot 105 Problems.



Hi folks, I originally posted this in another thread but was advised to do my own and provide more details so here goes!
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Hi guys, first off I am a complete newcomer to airbrushing. I have got myself a Patriot 105 after reading up a lot of reviews and taking a shine to Badger. However I have only had my brush about a month and in that time only used it a maximum of a few hours. I have noticed a few issues with it. Air leakage on the screw above my quick release, more air leakage from the cone (first screw part on the tip) and last the finish has already worn off the inside of the cup and the trench at the bottom of the cup is brassy coloured. Any advice guys. All I can add is I give the brush a good clean between colour changes using airbrush cleaner. Thanks in advance

I should have mentioned that I use Vallejo Game Air & Badger Minitaire airbrush ready paints. I live in the UK and buy the bulk of my airbrush equipment from Barwell Bodyworks & S&M Stuff through mail order. As for my cleaner I use Medea. After watching a video documentary with Badger CEO Ken Schlotfeldt he advised never to use the little 'pipe cleaner' brushes so I have reframed as I admit I did buy a set when starting out. I think thats all the info I have but if any more is required please ask.
Oh yea I should also maybe add why I use the airbrush - I collect and paint sci-fi miniatures and scale models for use in the Warhammer 40,000 game I also enjoy making little dioramas and terrain.
Thanks for reading :)
WH40K :D
Now the chrome coming off is normal , when you change colors or clean the airbrush you wipe it down . which in turn rubs through the chrome finish.
Medea is not a bad product but I always suggest is using a water based paint to use 5619 Restorer from Createx, You can use it over and over again so even a small bottle will last a really long time(7 years and counting)
Bees wax , rub some on the threads and screw it together . over time rubber seals will get micro cracks that lets air pass by.
Hope this helps and post up some of those mini's
I played D&D back in the 70's:D
Thats where I started out too with D&D. I had thought about Vaseline for the seals but didn't know if it would react with the o rings but if beeswax is the right thing I'll pick some up next time I am in town. Thats a great shelf life on the Createx! I'll also grab some when the Medea runs out- I'm pretty sure in a lot less than seven years ! I haven't sussed out how to post up pictures yet or where to do so- and I am not in the same league as the work I have seen already on here. Thanks for all the info- I am glad that there isn't anything serious going on with my 105. Much appreciated :)
Pictures are easy . You see at the bottom of where you post 3 tabs POST REPLY : UPLOAD A FILE: MORE OPTIONS...
Click on the Upload a file and browse until you find the picture you want to upload.
I set my pictures to 1600X1200 jpeg and it works great.
Unlike the medea you only use the Restorer on you nozzle and anything in front of that . Remove any rubber seals on those pieces , and you can soak the needle too.
My old age must be catching up with me- had a nap after my evening meal....three hours later- i'll never sleep tonight now! I am going to attempt to upload a picture of my two airbrushed models- these have many effects over the main paint work, filters washes etc, here goes!IMG_1059.JPG IMG_1127.JPG

!! That was easy!! Cheers for the tutorial! ;) The smoke effect in the first picture is actually vapour from my e-cig- yea I know I should cut down lol :)
Thanks for saying :) I thought it was a good effect too. I originally attempted to airbrush the winged sword icon but I must have done it all wrong as the lines were blurred and horrible looking, I had to start over and freehand it on there.
Bees wax , rub some on the threads and screw it together . over time rubber seals will get micro cracks that lets air pass by.

Mr. Micron, I received my package of Beeswax yesterday and applied some over the threads just like you suggested- low and behold it has worked a charm- you Sir are a superstar! Thanks for the great tip. :thumbsup:
They look great man! What did you use for the hills etc- spaceboard? I particularly like the marsh behind the boardwalk- the reeds look really effective. Water has got to be the hardest thing to replicate, I had great effect just using kitchen/bathroom silicon sealer over a deep blue basecoat, once the silicon has dried paint some lighter shades of blue and then add more silicone on this top layer you can add some white. Turned out nice - that was for deep oceanic water- streams and rivers are a different kettle of fish altogether. I am busy painting up models to use in game just now but once I have a decent force I am going to take a break from mini painting and concentrate on getting my own battleboard made along with terrain pieces- ruined buildings, landing pads etc. this is where I hope to use my ab a lot more.
Cheers ;)
Mr. Micron, I received my package of Beeswax yesterday and applied some over the threads just like you suggested- low and behold it has worked a charm- you Sir are a superstar! Thanks for the great tip. :thumbsup:
Not a superstar just passing on what I have learn from others .
Used mostly foam, some paper wadding and plaster cloth. For the water I used resin for the swamp. Been using Realistic Water on some boards. Will be doing a big pour on my port board soon. Have 2 gallons of Klear Kote. First time doing that big of a pour, but will do it in stages. Here is a better pic of the swamp.
I haven't ever used model water products- I think the pricing put me off! lol I have seen water effects being used on mini bases to great effect. Here is a tiny water effect on one of my bases- bear in mind the base is only 60mmD1 Base(1).JPG
Looks really good! And a lot easier to store than all my 2'x2' boards that is for sure! Yeah, they are pricey but they work. I could have several microns with the cost of all the terrain material I have around!
Yea I live in a small one bedroom apartment so my bedroom doubles up as my studio during the day- the rooms more like a workshop with a bed tucked into the corner with all the materials,tools and equipment I have laying around.
Well, even with a three bedroom house with a study I have it crammed to the ceiling with all our gaming stuff and my terrain boards! I would work in the study but between the reloading bench, bookshelves and general crud, there is no room!
Hehe I'd bet even if we had dedicated space it would still spill out. I want to get building my Battle Board but I am going to have to stand it up between use as there just isn't anywhere for it to sit in place. Problems problems huh! I am sure ill figure something out. The beauty of the Games Workshop boards is they break down into 2'x2' sections and pack away into a nice handy carry case- it may have to be the way I go. Have to think on that for a while. Back to the airbrush I am going to attempt some OSL (object source lighting) tonight- want to try and gain a glow effect that shines onto other parts of the model- I'll let you know how I get on with it- in my mind it seems simple enough- whether or not it actually is in practice is another thing- time will tell- heres hoping!! :)