Motor bike tank



I've been commissioned to paint a pic on a bike tank , I've never done this before.
I was wondering what is the best way to get a blue tint across the complete pic with out loosing the colour of the pic.
and which paints would suit. the tank has been painted in metalic acrylic 2pack
Not sure what you want to do here Taz?

You can use candies ... Think Blue flames on a bike tank ... only the light areas get affected. Black areas stay black. However this method will not work with colours other than blue, black and white and will have an affect on your other colours causing colour shifts unless you can mask the areas you dont want to change.

If I were say doing a skull and flames motif on a tank in blue I would do my basic image in white and then hit it with a blue candy (only colouring the bits I wanted a darker blue first). Then I would go back in with the white and do another layer of flame (maybe some highlights on the skull or cleaning up especially if you had got blue candy in that area). Another layer of blue candy and ,If I was at the required "Blueness", a final layer of white highlights.

This would give you an overall blue picture (SKBrush show this method on a couple of his youtube vids).

Remember if you try to spray a blue tint over the whole picture expect anything that is not blue to change colour! White will become a blue white or blue , yellow will become green etc!
What other colors are you using? The blue is going to react with the other colors, so unless its a monochromatic with greys or browns and whites or silvers, then I think you might have a difficult time. If you spray some kind of transparent blue, whether its just a regular transparent paint or a blue candy, when it hits yellow, it will look green, red will look purple, etc...

If you start out with your darkest colors first, and then use white to try and lighten things, you will get a blue shift, where the white will take on a slightly bluish color.

Give us a few more details on what your subject is and what colors you plan on using and it might be easier to help.
Thanks for your help & advise,
Looks like I'm gonna have to try out on a a practise sheet first.
I've attached a couple of pics of what I'm trying to do one has been taken of the net, the second is the same played with to show what I'm trying to achieve.
pagan witch.jpgpagan witch mod.jpg
doh.. must have been having a blonde moment. lol
must be a little nervous about doing a tank for someone else.
been looking negatively at it.....
thank you all
agree adjust you colours to your second reference. Interesting subject right up my alley !
Please post you progress and end result.