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OK started a beach mural with a storm on the horizon the wall has a 90 how do I make the horizon appear to continue straight
That sounds like a perspective thing.... the one part of my high school art class that I got a D in... So if I give you any tips on this, you should probably do the opposite of whatever I suggest. LOL.

I'm sure the good artists on the forum will be able to give you some tips and pointers. Get some pictures up as you go. I'd love to see how you tackle this project.
If you have a projector you could do a rough picture on paper, project it onto the walls in question and just line out exactly what you see rather than what think it should be, wise words someone told me on here but I can't remember who it was :( hope this helps

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I can't really project it becauce the room is a bathroom and very small one at that. Later I'll try to take some pics of it
here are the pics I think I figured out what to do so ill update again laterIMG_20131017_162800[1].jpgIMG_20131017_162819[1].jpgIMG_20131017_162832[1].jpg
I take it you want the horizon to fade away on the left wall on the picture, I think you need to just continue the painting on to that wall and put a mental marker where the horizon dropped away from sight, ... It's a difficult one, and I'm only giving my opinion, I'm probably wrong. Lol

Iwata custom micron cmc and eclipse
Badger krome and patriot.
And a very understanding wife..
I think I know what You are trying to do... it will work when you get it right... but only from a single perspective, meaning, when you move/walk around the effect will not be effective..

I think it would look great even if you just continue the artwork around onto the left wall... looking forward to seeing how you tackle tis one... nice job!

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I work on this evening I learned what you was saying I kinda finished that area just have to add the waves hitting the beach 1382316567303.jpg I am now trying a retainment wall on that side hints the gray area still in work thanks for your help. also I think im going to change the water sand angle after looking at it in a pic lol
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it does not matter,, if you are viewing from the same standpoint, which would be the point of origin ,,if you circle three hundred sixty degrees the v.p. will be the same on the other three walls as it was on the first wall.. just look at it as having eyes on all four planes of your head...
Work on the wall some bathroom 2.jpgwife took some pics 20131024_204637.jpg20131024_204731.jpgbathroom.jpg
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